A Guideline to Land-Based Casino Etiquette

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Visiting a land-based casino offers a variety of desirable experiences and a unique opportunity to have fun and perhaps try something new. Whether the goal is to win big or just get out of the house, visiting a land-based casino has a special surprise around every corner that will be sure to captivate nearly any visitor.

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When visiting a land-based casino there are some guidelines and certain etiquette that every visitor must follow. Each casino has to follow certain regulations depending on the country or territory which the casino is located in. New Zealand for example requires all visitors within the casino to be a minimum of 20-years of age regardless if the visitor is playing casino games or not. Etiquette however is often the same in most casinos and should not be overlooked or brushed off by any visitor.

First and foremost, safety is always at the top of the list of what to consider when visiting a land-based casino. Safety rules and etiquette are put in place to provide both visitors and staff a secure and safe environment in each casino. Casinos are filled with security guards and cameras to ensure visitor safety as well as the integrity of the casino. It’s important to always be polite to casino security guards and staff and treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy. This includes tipping, tipping staff and security with either cash, charge, or chips is acceptable and extremely appreciated. Regardless of how safe a casino may seem or how many security guards are visible, it’s important for casino visitors to be cautious with personal cash and not show it off flagrantly or make it clearly visible. Proper safety practices will certainly make any visit to a land-based casino a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.

The next form of proper etiquette when visiting a land-based casino has to do with dress code. Most casinos don’t have a required dress code in effect, however dressing appropriately is always a must while visiting a land-based casino. Dressing semi-formal is the best way to go, every visitor should feel comfortable but should also be appropriately dressed as to not make others uncomfortable or attract unwanted attention. Researching or knowing the casino somewhat beforehand allows the visitor to know what to expect and will provide an idea of how to dress while visiting the casino. It’s suggested that visitors should plan their outfits beforehand to allow for optimal comfort and sociability while in the casino. Stay away from wearing dark baggy clothing like oversized jeans and hoodies, but rather go for a nice semi-formal to formal look for a great night out.

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Next are some guidelines to follow when actually playing casino games or looking for one to play. Before sitting down at a table game or slot it’s best to take a look around and make the best decision on which game to play. With table games and dealer games it’s important to understand the rules of the game and to not sit down at any game without the intention to play or get dealt in. Observing from a distance is fine and can be helpful when learning the rules of the game, just make sure to keep cellphones and electronics out of site to prevent any issues with security.

It’s important to always be polite and courteous, this includes making sure to first ask to join a game, being polite and respectful to other players, and never use any electronics while playing any table game. Remember to keep conversations with the dealer at a minimum and respect the fact that dealers are their to work and can be overwhelmed with questions. It’s also important never to give money or chips directly to the dealers. Always place money or chips on the table and wait for the dealer’s instructions. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience, always be polite and courteous and don’t feel shy to ask questions at the right time to the right people.


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