Casino Star Phil Ivey Will Star in a Movie

March 25, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

Have you ever thought that movies and the casino world can go hand in hand? Well, me neither, but apparently, they can.

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Although it’s not a usual combination that you see every day, it certainly is ana exciting one because if you really want someone, you can make it come true.

Well, that’s the case with this topic.

Apparently, one of the biggest casino stars in the history of modern poker will play a huge role in an upcoming film, and he fiercely prepares himself for it.

Who is he?

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A Connection Between a Famous Casino and Movie Star 

Everyone knows Phil Ivey. I mean, are you even a fan of the gambling world and its tournaments if you haven’t seen him play at least once?

He is a living legend and the passion for poker along with his talent make him unstoppable.

So unstoppable that he actually stars in a movie and broads his career even further.

And, it’s not just a regular movie.

It’s a casino movie by the name of “The Baccarat Machine” where Phil Ivey tries to break the system and beat ‘them’ in their own game.

phil ivey

But, he won’t be alone on this journey. Have you ever heard of “Crazy, Rich Asians”?

Well, the main star in that TV masterpiece is Awkwafina, an American actress from Korean and Chinese decency who just gets started in the movie industry.

Even though she is only 31, she will be joining Phil Ivey on their poker journey in the cinematic world.

Awkwafina will play a young Chinese woman with a story where she has an unmistakable talent for casino games and obsesses over the fact that she needs to pay back ‘them’ into involving the people in their own selfish system.

Who are they, you ask?

Wait until the movie release and find out by yourself.

According to the scriptwriter Andy Bellin, Phil Ivey, and Awkwafina are a duo that is sure to leave you guessing and on your toes the whole time during the movie.

Her character, the famous modern casino star, Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun will be brought up to life thanks to Awkwafina’s unique talent and the way she brings the character to life.

She is the new TV star and along with our poker king, Phil Ivey, they will make a masterpiece of the casino and the TV industry. 


Awkwafina is also well-known by her latest role in the famous movie franchise “Jumanji: The Next Level”, as well as Sandra Bullock’s “Ocean 8” and “The Farewell” where she also won a Golden Globe for the role. 

No one would have guessed that this weird combination will be the latest trend and gossip in Hollywood.

Everyone is really excited to see it, both the movie and casino fanatics.

All that is left to do is to wait for the release date and the movie masterpiece.