Cascading Reel Slots and Two Great Slot Games

June 20, 2019 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

What are Cascading Reel Slots?

In the massive world of online casino play, there are a ton of different types of video slots that exist. These have made online casino gaming and slot machine play a lot more complicated, but a lot more fun, than it used to be.

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Cascading slots are one of the newer developments in online video slots. Cascading slots are also known as falling or collapsing reels, or even as tumbling reel slots. Instead of only forming combinations on the horizontal plane like traditional slots do, these slots can form combinations on the horizontal, vertical, or even the diagonal planes. Thus, there are a lot more opportunities for winning. Once these winning combos are formed, they then explode on the screen. Following this, the remaining tiles fall down to replace them, which leaves the possibility for more winning combinations to be formed. These slot games are not unlike various apps that are popular for cellphone players. Two of the most popular cascading slot games are Gonzo’s Guest by NetEnt and Cloud Quest by Play’n Go. 

Gonzo’s Quest Slot by NetEnt

As the title implies, this game is programmed by NetEntertainment, or NetEnt. This company is one of the titans of the online casino gaming industry – and for good reason. Their games are well received and they are incredibly popular. The team’s software and games are also regularly reviewed for fairness by third parties, ensuring that they are truly fair play. This game has five distinct rules with 20 total paylines. Note that the paylines on cascading slots are much higher than those on a traditional slot machine. This slot comes with an introductory movie that explains how to play, as well as the historical connection to Gonzalo Pizzaro, a Spanish conquistador. The game’s visual design also reflects this connection.

This game is well reviewed and popular for a reason, because it is a good game. It offers tons of different ways to win, it is well-designed from a computer coding standpoint, and the game design is nicely done. Gonzo’s Quest has a bonus multiplier in the corner of the screen that slowly ticks up during play. If you hit big wins when the multiplier is on 5x, each of those wins will be five times bigger – not bad! In addition, because this is a cascading slot game, it means that there are several opportunities to win. There are also a ton of different ways to earn free spins on this slot as well. Finally, this game also features scatter symbols, that leave even more wins on the table. 

Cloud Quest Slot by Play’n GO

This slot is fantasy slot game that also has five different reels. This game has one of the best visual and music design of any other video slot currently in the online casino gaming world. Technically, this game has no paylines, rather, you just need to get three in a row matching symbols to trigger a win. These can be in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal formation, because this is a cascading slot. 

Cloud Quest also sets itself apart by the use of superpowers. These are: Five of Fortune, Emblem of Endurance, Scatter of Success, or Mark of Multitude. These all have unique win-multiplying effects. They make game play significantly more interesting than many other online video slots. They also introduce a much higher degree of strategy than many other games. There is also a monster that acts as a boss within this slot game, that adds an extra degree of difficult as well as strategy.