Big Jackpot Winner at Casumo Casino

August 7, 2019 Posted in News by No Comments

Some interesting news that happened recently is that a woman named Sadia won the jackpot at Wild Elements from Casumo Casino. She won hundreds of thousands of pounds on a 4-pound bet. The most amazing thing about this news is that she was able to spend it in ways that helped her family. 

Casumo Casino

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They are possibly going to upgrade their house now, for example. This includes Sadia, her husband, and their children. They will either be upgrading their house or they will be even purchasing an entirely new one. Inf act, Sadia said that she had her eye on a particular house at one point, but she didn’t end up purchasing it due to the fact that it was too expensive with the deposit that they were asking for. It was a house that she loved though, and she was sad that she had to give it up. 

However, now that she won all this money from the jackpot, it’s now going to be possible for how to go and get it for her family. When she won the jackpot on a 4-pound bet, she was so excited that she immediately ran down to her children’s room and hugged all of them in order to share the excitement with them.

She also went and hugged her husband as well, and he was absolutely surprised. Sadia’s husband was so surprised that he kept asking whether the jackpot win was real or not over and over again. On top of everything else, they are also now planning on going on a romantic getaway to get some time to themselves, due to the fact that they won all this money. None of this would’ve been the slightest bit possible if they hadn’t won. 

Sadia also said that she nearly didn’t place the bet that won. She was in bed for the night and was planning on going to sleep in the near future. Instead, she decided to stay up a little longer and keep playing her favorite game, Wild Elements. She had actually played a different game, Vikings, earlier, but had switched to Wild Elements. She loves Casumo games in general because of their strangeness as well as the name. 

Wild Elements will have the same kind of characteristics that they did for Sadia for just a few more months. People absolutely do win the jackpots here, so it’s the perfect time to go and try to win it yourself. Someone has to win it, after all. You can also win as much as a 96 percent return even without the jackpot, which is a considerable amount. It’s easy to sign up for Casumo, and it’s easy to start playing Wild Elements, which is a game you can only play on Casumo and nowhere else. That means if you want a chance to win as Sadia did you, you have to play at Casumo. 

The game has 7 reels and it was the Must Drop Jackpot slot that helped Sadia win. It also has the 1×3 super symbols available too. The game is fun on multiple levels since it has the 4 elements and extreme graphics that really bring you into the game. It even has a storyline to go with it that is also quite engrossing. 

There’s a reason why the game is so popular and why the jackpot grew so large. It’s a new and exciting type of slot game that captures peoples’ attention. It won’t be around forever, however, so it’s useful to get going with it if you want to play.