Banana Odyssey from Microgaming, Exclusive launch at Twin

July 22, 2019 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

Thanks to modern developments and high-speed internet, browser gaming has never been bigger, and with forthcoming innovations around the corner, it really is the future of gaming, regardless what console manufacturers would have the world believe.

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With most competent developers eagerly embracing the remarkably easy-to-use web environments for their gaming projects, sites like Twin casino have some real punching weight, and are poised to be the casual gaming venues of the next decade, and beyond. Why not? Twin’s cultivated quite a reputation for addictive, bite-sized gaming experiences with a real, distinct personality that make them stand out.

That’s the key, too – personality. The gaming market is huge, and the AAA sector is utterly saturated with very same, unoriginal offerings, which just stirs more customer interest in smaller, off-the-beaten-path sources for enriching, fast-paced gaming experiences. Compatibility across a vast number of platforms, from PCs, smart TVs and phones to, yes, those game consoles which fight this inevitable browser future, doesn’t hurt either.
Twin isn’t a gaming environment to be complacent, though, always looking for the next unique experience to offer their players. Something that’s been missing from their vast repertoire of simple yet engaging experiences has been a video slot offering. This is about to change.
Video slots are something of a must-have for any gaming environment, being a mainstay of pubs since the 1980s, and heavily-featured in most variety gaming packages released for PC or console throughout pretty much all of gaming history. The trick with them is providing the level of engagement on a visceral level for which a traditional casino slot machine is known.

Twin are no fools, and have sourced their first video slot offering from a rather expert developer of such titles, Microgaming.
Microgaming is actually a very respected name in casual web gaming experiences, going the extra mile in recruiting the most brilliant artists and programmers. This results in consistent releases that are so buttery smooth and responsive that they’re basically AAA releases within their genre.
Banana Odyssey epitomizes Microgaming’s standards for quality, offering probably the most unique theming for a video slot title to date. Banana Odyssey just oozes personality and charm, opting for a cartoony, almost subversive ambience that’s diametrically-opposed to the tired old cliché Vegas or wild west themes so often plastered on lesser casino titles across the internet.
Thanks to the endearing artwork, outstanding and unique theme, and the buttery-smooth feedback that only Microgaming can provide, Banana Odyssey provides something once thought impossible for online casino games. 
Banana Odyssey actually replicates the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping sensation of a real slot machine. The emotional thrill when winning bonuses, the “just one more try” when that win is so close yet so far away, all culminating in a moment out of one’s day where worries and stresses can just be left behind – it’s all there in force with Banana Odyssey.
For some time, gamers have been coming to Twin to unwind with some wholesome, simple yet addicting gameplay in a variety of styles, and now with Banana Odyssey, there really isn’t any reason to search elsewhere for such gaming experiences.
Banana Odyssey only just released, and while it certainly seems poised to redefine the way video slots are designed, time will tell if it’ll just be a unique exception or the gold standard for future releases.
Either way, like with any title offered by Twin, and developed by the almighty Microgaming, a good time is guaranteed to be had by all who try this excellent, thrilling video slot offering, and this will hopefully just be the first of many collaborations between these gaming titans, with endless new fun to be had in the future.