Are Women Better Gamblers Than Men?

August 11, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

When we mention the rise of casinos around the world, we automatically think of luxury and money.

And this is the truth after all.

But, what even better is that literally anyone can gamble.

There is no restriction in this field.

Any person, no matter the age, gender, or any other label, can gamble and win money.

Even though it’s rumored that men are better than women in poker, and in casinos in general, that’s a complete myth.

The skills and the level of observation are needed in order to win a casino round, and these two things can be mastered by both men and women.

And because of that, literally, anyone can enjoy this activity without feeling guilty and having the chance of winning big money as well.

So, as the circumstances are the same for both genders, are men or women more prone to acting out on their emotions and anger?

That is, of course, in terms of big stress and pressure while gambling. 

chips, dices and playing cards laying on a  green casino table

Is Reaction to Loss Important in the Casino World?

With one word, yes.

This question raises lots of different questions and reactions to the audience, but in general, it matters a lot.

Being calm and collected when you’re under pressure isn’t the same as rolling your eyes, sighing, or even yelling at the other players around you.

And women tend to be quieter and collected during major losses in the casino room.

Now, I’m not generalizing all the women.

Of course, there could be several exceptions, but in general, they tend to be sad or moody.

Men, on the other hand, are more aggressive and angry.

And this definitely isn’t a trait that a professional casino player wants or needs. 

Several of the Reasons Why Women Are Better at Gambling Than Men

This is no way a competition.

These few things are just a statement of facts.

As we all know, men adn women have different approaches to things, it’s in our nature.

a woman throwing dices on a casino table

It’s a biological law!

But, according to some latest studies:

  • Women tend to be more professional by being collected in any situation in the casino room;
  • They are likely to spend less and have better money management; men are always optimistic about their chance to win. That makes them bet a bigger amount of money and later losing them;
  • The games that they choose are different. Women tend to rely on luck more, while men like long and complicated rounds in order to win their money. For example, poker and baccarat are games that require more than just sheer luck, and women aren’t into this as much. They like their money quickly and easily. 
  • Women are less prone to addiction than men; they dont feel the need to gamble all the time. On the other hand, once men like something and java fun with it, they have a hard time letting it go. This is, of course, a good thing, but in moderation. Anything that reaches beyond the limit is classified as bad and shouldn’t be supported!