Why The KO Count Remains A Knockout

May 8, 2017 Posted in Betting Strategies by No Comments
Out of all of the betting strategies around, the KO count remains a favorite among players. Not only does the name remain catchy, the overall effectiveness remains what draws players to the system. By players using the system, they have the ability to significantly improve their chances. Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, some players usually “knockout” the odds of losing when they use this system. Moreover, players also refer to the system as the “knockout blackjack system.” Furthermore, players have the ability to learn the system in a little amount of time.

Moreover, the system eliminates the need for players to convert the running count into a true count. In addition, the KO count works in a similar fashion compared to all of the other card counting systems. Furthermore, counting cards do not require players to memorize specific cards that come out of the deck. However, they utilize a heuristic system to determine the ratio of high cards to low cards left in the deck. Should a deck have a significantly higher number of 10s and aces in it, it remains more profitable for the player.

The reason for this remains obvious. Should it remain otherwise, players need to consider a few things. This remains a perfect example. One hand in blackjack results in a higher payout than any other hand. Therefore, it remains a “natural” 21. Players also refer to the natural 21 as blackjack. Moreover, only 2 values of cards have the ability to combine to form a hand such as natural 21. In addition, one of those values remains an ace. The other card remains a value of 10. Should a player remove all of the aces from the deck, their chances of getting dealt a natural would remain 0. Should the deck have fewer low cards than high cards, they remain more likely to receive a natural.

When a player receives a natural, they get paid off at 3 to 2. Should a player increase the size of their bets when they remain likely to get a 3 to 2 payout, players have a greater chance of winning more money. In the knockout system, each card with a value of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 counts as +1. Moreover, all of the aces and 10s count -1. In addition, there remains 24 of the former and 20 of the latter. Should the player count through the entire deck using the system, they should have a total of +4 when they finish. Players call this “unbalanced” system as a result.

When the count remains positive, players will increase the size of their bets. When it remains negative, players have to lower their bet to the minimum amount. The higher the count, the more they bet. Moreover, players have to take into account how many decks remain in use. In most card counting systems, players have to convert the running count into a true count in order to adjust for the subsequent decks in play.


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